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West Midlands Safari Park

Diane and I visited West Midlands Safari Park twice in 2006.
















White Tiger

Bactrian Camel

Lion - above and below

Wild Dog

Diane and Mike with Eryk the lion cub on their second visit to East Midlands Safari Park.

Our first visit to the Safari Park was with a National Holidays weekend. On the Saturday we'd been at Cadburys, followed by a night in a hotel nearby, where we met our new friends Carole and Graham.

On Sunday we arrived at the Safari Park not quite knowing what to expect. Even though we were in a bus, good photographs were possible through the open window on the passenger door.

Diane wrote to the Park telling them how much she had enjoyed her visit. The Park replied that they would organise something special if we could revisit.

This we arranged for a few weeks later. When we arrived for our second visit we were met by one of the park rangers and taken behind the scenes.

To our amazement we were introduced to Eryk, a four-month-old lion cub. We were allowed to handle him. Even at that age his strength was obvious.

When saying our thank-yous, it was apparent that the majority of people made complaints rather than praising the park. We were told that one man was upset that he had to close the windows of his car in the lion enclosure. When told they were dangerous animals, he said: "But you've had them for years. They must be tame by now." A woman was upset that the hippos just wallowed in mud. She wanted someone to go into the pool and prod them to make them move around for her.

We thank the Safari Park for giving us two wonderful days - and some great photographs.