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Do you remember . . .?
Left: Busy Bees fire. 17th June 1983. I can't believe that's 27 years ago.


Right: Fun City on the north foreshore. We had hours of cheap entertainment in there when we were kids and had walked from home along Queensgate to the beach.

Left: The old bus station on Promenade, demolished to make way for the Promenades Shopping Centre.

Right top: In what was Princess Street.

Right bottom: Promenade and the site of access to the centre.

Above: Lloyd Hospital on Quay Road. On the site now is a new church, complete with lock on the gate.

Right: The buildings on Quay Road before they were demolished for the Palace car park.

Left: The Methodist church on Chapel Street with the new entrance to The Promenades.


Right top: The 1999 development in Clough Hole.


Bottom right: The Quay Road railway level crossing is demolished.

Left: Allens store (the large white building) on Promenade. This was October 1988. The site is now a Weatherspoons pub, while the building alongside is a shop full of inexpensive items.  
Left: Demolition of the Winter Gardens cinema on Promenade. The building was once The Coliseum.

Mike Wilson