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Charlie Beanland's Waterloo Pierrots

The Waterloo Pierrots were probably the first such troupe to entertain visitors in the north of England, and certainly in Bridlington. They were definitely among the holidaymakers’ favourites and were usually to be found on the north side of the harbour. From 1893 they appeared in various venues in the town: the Summer Gardens, The New Spa and on the beach near Children’s Corner. They also took over a tin-roofed wooden building in 1909 at Beaconsfield, near Trinity Church on Flamborough Road. Mr Charles Beanland (Charlie or, to use his stage name, “Sammy,” pictured in the local newspaper, right) formed the group. It is said that Charlie kept all his costumes at the Waterloo Cafe owned by Jack Grantham, and it was there they dressed for their shows. It was from the cafe’s name that Charlie took the name for his troupe of pierrots. The first troupe comprised Charlie Beanland, his brother Joe (known as “Johanna”), Fred Carey, H. B. Coda and Charles Danton, and other members came and went during their twenty-one years of performing. Music was provided by a harp and a fiddle. In 1914 the members of the troupe went their separate ways.
Waterloo Pierrots, Bridlington, 1912

Waterloo Pierrots, Bridlington, 1913

Waterloo Pierrots, Bridlington, 1912


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