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Bands and Orchestras of the Past
Top Left: Joseph Sainton, Musical Director to the Corporation, Bridlington
Centre left: The Municipal Orchestra (at The Parade, Bridlington. Conductor: Joseph Sainton) Bottom left: The Lionel Johns Orchestra in 1935. The back of the postcard is signed by all members of the group, but with no indication of who is who: F. Lionel Johns, Musical Director; Frank W. Shale (percussions); G. Maurice Parker; L. Kendal; Billy Hinton (piano); W. Mainey (clarinet); J. Thorp (flute); Geo. H. Cottam (trombone); J. H. Gilbert (trumpet); Freddy Wood (second trumpet); Alex Young; Roland Rogers; Glan Spiller; R. Clarke; A. McCordall
Top right: Herr Sigmund Winternitz (The Royal Viennese Band)
Centre right:
The Municipal Orchestra (on The Parade, around 1911)
Bottom right:
Lionel Johns appears second left in this photo taken in 1924. Is this his band/orchestra?

Mike Wilson