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  A Bridlington history book

In September 2012, some letters were discovered at Bridlington School. They were in a box and had been there some time. They were written by Second Lieutenant Topham Becher Dabridgecourt Hough, an 18-year-old former pupil of the school.

Pupils had read extracts on Radio Humberside and the Bridlington Free Press carried a piece about the letters.

I was immediately interested and emailed the school with an offer to publish the letters so that the pupils could read all the letters without the originals being damaged.

Permission was given and I visited the school on several occasions to record the letters' words and photographs. I was delighted to create this book and it gave me a lot of satisfaction.

Eventually the book was complete. I'd done some research on Topham in the school and at Bridlington Library in the Local Studies Department.

On Monday, 18th February, 2013, the first one hundred books were delivered.

I presented 25 books that the School had bought on Monday, 15th April, 2013, the date T. B. D. Hough was born.

Twenty-five copies were bought by the Old Bridlingtonian Club for the School and the School itself bought another twenty-five.

You may buy a copy from Free Spirit Writers, 40 Burstall Hill, Bridlington, East Yorkshire YO16 7GA. Please add 1.00 towards post and packing to the cost of the book, which is 7.99.


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