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www.nawg.co.uk The links is to the National Association of Writers' Groups, in which both Mike and Diane were involved for many years.

www.talbothouse.be Diane and I volunteer here every year.

www.bscps.com The site for Three Brothers, the 1912 sailing coble preserved at Bridlington. I'm webmaster for the site.

www.cherryblossom.be. This is our friends Jon and Lizzie's B&B in Belgium, between Ypres and Poperinge. Should you ever wish to visit the battlefields of the Ypres Salient or taste the many local beers, then make friends with Jon and Lizzie. Great meals, great fun and great mates!



www.writersnews.co.uk and www.writers-forum.co.uk If you're a writer you need these magazines.

www.biscuitpublishing.com Our friend Brian's site, offering writing competitions.

www.janewenham-jones.com Jane is the author of Wannabe a Writer. Great fun.

www.eileenthornton.co.uk This is the website of our friend Eileen Thornton, whose short stories often grace the pages of The Lady.

www.whywontgodhealamputees.com This is an excellent site for all those - like me - who are having difficulty reconciling religion drummed into them as children and being a thinking intelligent human being.

www.metaltype.co.uk This is a "hot metal" site for all those - like me - who remember the days before computers invaded the print industry. Some of my material is on there.

www.bridlington.net Some of my historical pieces are on this site.

http://www.bridlingtonfreepress.co.uk Some of my historical pieces are on this site.

www.u3abridlington.me.uk A great group of people helping each other to learn new skills in many areas of life.


Mike Wilson