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Life, Death and The Thing

Thoughts just before Christmas 2008

It's over six months since the operation and all is going very well. In fact, so well, that I can't believe I've had an operation, never mind one that was life-saving.

Life continues to be fantastic! Ah, life! But what of death? Well, the new me has nothing to fear of death. Once I've gone, I've gone! I will not be aware of my former existence. Not one snippet of evidence exists that anyone has been able to contact anyone else after the first person has ceased to exist. After death, I will not know who I was, what I was, what I did wrong, what I did correctly. I will know nothing. A bit like Manuel in Fawlty Towers: "I know nothing."

If you are totally unaware after your death, what's to be frightened of? You won't remember being ill, or in pain, or even in love.

I will grant that if you're in pain, you won't like the lead up to your demise. I hope I don't get that. I also hope I don't become senile, forgetful, have Alzheimers or dementia. There are many many worse things than death. Not continuing to live will be vastly disappointing, of course, but you won't know about it, will you?

As we prepare for Christmas - it's mid December - I'll enjoy all the festivities. I'll read Christmas Carol again - out loud for others to listen to. But I've just realised that in Christmas Carol, Dickens does not mention God or Jesus. Scrooge becomes a good man because of what he experiences. He does not become a good man because God frightens the crap out of him. Nor does he become a good man because he's terrified of what God will do to him if he doesn't change.

Scrooge also doesn't give his money to a church either. He uses his wealth to benefit his fellow man. And isn't that what life should be all about: benefiting our fellow men?

I don't mind the story of the Nativity being celebrated. Not at all. But why don't we have a Harry Potter Day and celebrated his fictional life? Or even a Scrooge Day to reflect on his change in attitude to his fellow man?

So while you are all celebrating, and drinking, and dancing, and puking your wealth away, please remember your fellow man.

Happy Christmas and a Contented, Peaceful New Year.

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Mike Wilson