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Life, Death and The Thing

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Fifty-nine days ago today I was beginning my stay at Hull Royal Infirmary.

Today is 29th July, and I'm feeling fine. Yesterday Diane and I had "Mike's Got Well" party at Rags Restaurant. Our list had around 60 names on it, but by the time those who lived in Belgium, those in the North East, those in the Midlands and those in places like Hull and Scarborough expressed their apologies for not being able to be in Brid that day, we ended up with 13 guests for the buffet, plus another who dropped by.

However, we ate well, had laughs and fun and all of us enjoyed ourselves.

To further my knowledge of being a non-god-fearing person, I've sought areas on the internet for similarly thinking beings. Pat Condell was the first, and I love his deliveries. Then I came across Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens, and a guy in America called Bill Maher. He's absolutely ruthless in his condemnation of organised religion. Richard Dawkins was the first, of course, with his book The God Delusion.

I have other questions for the believers. If a child is a gift of God, why do women who never have sex never have children? He's all-powerful, isn't he? So why can't the lady have a child if she desires one even if she doesn't wish to have sexual relations with a man?

I suppose we are getting that way now, of course, with artificial insemination. Eventually, the male of the species may well become unnecessary.

So, why does it take a man and a women who have sexual relations to make a baby? Answers are to be found in any biology manual.  But where are the answers to that question about the child being a gift of God? If I hadn't had sex with my wife, my children would not have been born. I think we can all agree with that. OK, so it's remotely possible that another man was the father. But a child still needs a father (the sperm giver) and a mother (the egg carrier).

 So if a child needs the sperm and the egg to become possible, why does God have to intervene? It's nature.

We have been brainwashed for centuries into believing this stuff. We in England no longer believe in Wodan, or Thor, or Santa Claus, or the tooth fairy, or the bogeyman under the bed. Or at least I sincerely hope not. I certainly wouldn't want to spoil a child's Christmas by saying that it was all make believe. By all means, let the children be entertained and delighted by the visit of Father Christmas and scenes of the Nativity. Eventually, however, the child grows up, matures with reason, and understands that it was make believe.

Surely the tales we have been told about the birth of Jesus, his life, his spectacular death, his resurrection are stories written by men for their own purposes. There are lots of internet sites which promote faith in the Christian god. There are some sites devoted to reason and thought about the same matters. Please, if you want to think about faith and religion, take a look at some of them. For a start, this is a brilliant question and the name of an internet site: Why doesn't god heal amputees?

Then go on to Google video and seek out Bill Maher and Pat Condell, who bring the man-in-the-street's thoughts to life. Scientists and writers like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens speak more deeply about the topic. But all are easily understood.

We have but one life on this planet. This is not a rehearsal for another life. There is no afterlife, no matter how much we wish there was. When your time's up, it's up. There will be no Judgement Day beloved of priests, archbishops, popes, imams, and the like. All they're interested in is maintaining the status quo, where they are controlling us through fear. And those at the top get to live in palaces and drive BMWs. There's not a lot of Christly living with those folk, is there?

The local parish priest has a nice little number, doesn't he? He gets paid by the church, the church gets money from its fearful, trembling congregations. If you had a job like that, you wouldn't knock it either, would you?

So folks, it's time to become a fully paid up member of humankind. Cast aside the fears driven into you by the teaching of the church, whichever version it is. Stand up, and be counted. Be a man. Be a woman. Not a snivelling, grovelling, bewildered wretch, cowering behind the cloaks of clerics.

Be a human

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Mike Wilson