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HMS Flamborough Head

HMS Flamborough Head was built in North Vancouver, Canada, during the Second World War. She was fortunate enough to be preserved in Vancouver for many years. In the early 2000s her stern and engine were removed. These stood, quite forlorn, outside a mainly derelict shed, formerly part of the shipbuilding yards, until a decision could be made on their future. It is planned that the stern and engine will be part of a new Canadian Maritime Museum and Centre, but when building starts is still to be decided.

The rest of the ship is now an underwater reef, providing experience for divers and living quarters for sea life. She is off Snake Island, near Nanaimo, Vancouver Island.

I was fortunate enough to visit Vancouver in May 2007 and saw her for myself. She is just discernible if you log on to Google Earth and search the north shore of Burrard Strait in Vancouver. There is one of my photographs there too.

More information about HMS Flamborough Head - and her life and times as HMCS Cape Breton - can be found at www.artificialreef.bc.ca


Mike Wilson