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The Great War Heroes of Bridlington

This book is the result of years of research by Chris Bonnett. He discovered a great uncle of his on the Bridlington Cenotaph, and the found a great uncle of his wife recorded there. This led him into his research into every man named who was lost in World War One and whose name appears on the town's war memorial.

When Chris wrote to the Free Press asking if there was any further information he could use in his book, I offered him my grandfather's booklet.

Chris and I eventually met, and I suggested that a book could be published on the subject. Chris said he hadn't considered that option, but I persuaded him that it should be done.

I took his research and created one page per man, which now included my grandfather, J. W. Wilson.

In the spaces that we left, I added material about World War One that I had in my archives, plus other information and photographs I bought via Ebay. I added an index plus a section explaining the impact of the war on Bridlington.

The book became a 364-page volume and on 1st July, 2011, Chris and I launched the book at the library.

Copies are still available, and you can order one directly from me at freespiritwriters@teco.net. It costs 11.99 and postage adds another 4.00, as it is a very heavy book.

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