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Golden Ears Bridge, British Columbia, Canada

On Sunday, 14th June, 2009, our friend Tony Swain and his wife Mary invited us to breakfast at Delta Heritage Air Park, some way from Vancouver. Tony picked us up in his car around 9am and drove us to the airfield. There we enjoyed a great Canadian breakfast: pancakes with maple syrup and strawberries. Plus great coffee. We met Donn, who gave us a free flight last time. He invited us to join a briefing for the pilots of seven aircraft to fly in formation over the opening day celebrations for the Golden Ears Bridge, joining Maple Ridge and Langley over the Fraser river. One of the pilots invited us to join him in his Cessna for the flight. How lucky is that?

An aerial view of Golden Ears Bridge. It cost 808m Canadian dollars.

Diane in the rear seat of the Cessna. She took movies of the flight and captured some great scenes of the accompanying aircraft.

The red nose of Big Al's Cessna and two of the formation aircraft as they approach the Bridge.

A shot of one of the accompanying planes.


This is Donn Hubble in the lead aircraft.

Gary Peare flies alongside Big Al.

Flying over Chilliwack Airport. We landed here and three pilots - Big Al, Donn and Gary - and us two enjoyed enormous servings of fruit pie and ice cream. Delicious!

Lucky Mike Wilson in the co-pilot's seat with Big Al, ready to fly in formation to Golden Ears Bridge.

Another of the seven aircraft in formation over the Fraser valley.

Big Al refuels his Cessna at Pitt Meadows airfield. He flew us there from Chilliwack, then drove us towards Vancouver so we could catch the Skytrain to Downtown.

A big thank you to everyone involved in the flight, and especially our friends Tony and Mary, whom we feel had a hand in getting us on this adventure.