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Free Hugs

Diane and I had a great day on Sunday, 3rd August, 2008. We had our own Free Hugs day in Bridlington on the harbour top. We made a couple of big notices saying "Free Hugs Here" and stood outside the Museum to see what happened.

In a few minutes we'd had several hugs from passers-by. Many people had an amused smile as they passed, some a sneer. We started at 10am and finished at 4pm and we must have hugged hundreds of people: male and female, old and young, fit and disabled, bonny and those aesthetically challenged, Yorkshire folk and many others from other parts of the world.

This one photograph sums up the day.

The best hug for me was from a young lady who hugged me hard, kissed me on the lips, and said: "My husband's a plonker." It made my day. I don't know about hers.

Thanks to everyone who took part on that day and the Sunday two weeks afterwards.


Mike Wilson