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More about the Crucifixion (Cruci-fiction?)

In a reply to all ten of the letters in a previous week's Bridlington Free Press,I wrote this which the BFP published:

In response to the letters in favour of the Passion Play to be staged on Easter Saturday, I have a few thank-yous.
First to thanks Father Grant and others for visiting my mother. Thanks to everyone involved in helping others, especially the Kingfisher Trust. Your work is excellent. But could you not do good without faith? I can.
More thanks to Father Grant for his paragraph:
Admittedly, only Faith can give us the assurance that Jesus is truly the Son of God and rose from the dead on the first Easter Sunday.
So there we have it. A Catholic priest admits that faith is necessary. That rather destroys all the arguments that it is all true.
While declaring myself an atheist, I'm still not 100% certain that God doesn't exist. Some of the faithful, however, have the arrogance to claim that they know not only which religion is the right one, but also which branch of that religion. I am quite sure each Christian church in Bridlington is convinced that theirs is the one true church.
If I can be invited to join the procession by believers in the hope I'll be converted, then I invite them to read Christopher Hitchens or Richard Dawkins, visit www.whywontgodhealamputees.com or the website of The English Atheist, or the British Humanist Association.
Speaking out against religion is difficult. We've had it drummed into us since we were sucklings. No wonder it took me 60 years to realise it was a waste of time.

I did receive a telephone call from a lady who had sought my number to tell me she agreed wholeheartedly with my view. She had been educated in a convent. She stuck by her faith for years, until the disaster in Biafra occurred. She then worked out that if God was there, he ignored the plight of those innocent children. If he was there, she thought, she didn't want to be associated with him. So she left the faith. The light of reason had shone upon her and she realised that faith and prayers don't work.


Mike Wilson