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Re-enactment of the crucifixion

On 11th March 2010, the Bridlington Free Press published a letter to the editor I wrote on the subject of the re-enactment of the crucifixion on Easter weekend. I knew it was controversial and wondered what response there would be.

This is my letter:

I am appalled at the news that the crucifixion is to be re-enacted on the south beach at Bridlington.

Surely we have progressed somewhat since those barbaric times. Leaving aside the question of whether the whole story is true or not, do we really have to endure the spectacle of a man being nailed to a piece of wood? Or that the streets of the town will witness “moments from the last hours of Jesus’ life with his cross”?

Do we have to see scourging and whipping? Crowning with thorns? Stabbing with a spear?

Are we still backward enough to think that this sight will somehow be illuminating, or cast a little light into the depths of our knowledge?

It’s bad enough to know that this symbol of the crucifixion is displayed without shame in all Christian churches and thrust upon us by the clergy as a symbol of good. Good? When was it good to carry out such a disgraceful act upon another?

We - by that I mean mankind - should have evolved sufficiently to realise that the stories are likely not real, and are merely myths.

I ask those involved to give some thought to others who will be offended by this whole spectacle.

If it is the first re-enactment in Bridlington, I fervently hope it will be the last.

Instead of putting on this charade, I ask those involved to do something Christlike: provide food for those who are hungry and drink for the thirsty, give shelter to those in need, take comfort to the elderly and lonely, visit men and women in prison, or give alms to the poor.

Now if the churches did something like that on a regular basis, even an atheist like me would have to give them some credit.

Roll on November 5 so we can throw an effigy on a fire. We still do that too, don’t we? Shameful!

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Mike Wilson