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We can't play God

There's a fellow I know who's in hospital. Some while ago he suffered a stroke, which robbed him of some speech and balance.

Then he was struck by another one, which has left him much worse off.

So, I'm asking all those religious persons out there to answer this question: "Why did the all-powerful, all-knowing, all-loving God do this to him?"

I doubt you have an answer that will satisfy me.

There is another aspect of this though. After the first stroke, the man was attended by paramedics, a dash to hospital, some great attention there and during aftercare, which saved him, I guess, from death.

If God killed him, which He did because the medical people brought him back to life, did not those medics "play God"?

Now that the poor guy has dementia - to such an extent that if your dog had the same problems you'd put the animal down - and the medics hear the suggestion that "you could give him a drug to help him on his way," why do they say "But we can't play God"? They did when they saved his life. Why aren't they allowed to ease his suffering enough to put him out of his misery?

The problem is that nearly everyone thinks that the gift of life comes from God, this all-mighty, all-loving, all-knowing invisible personality in the sky (or somewhere). Therefore if He gives life, only He can take it away.

Once you accept that He didn't give life, then it's far more easy to accept that death should not be deferred too long and unnecessarily. And that some people should, for their families and society as a whole, be allowed to go quietly, instead of being kept alive by drugs and machines. You wouldn't do it to a cat or dog, why do it to your loved one?

This should not be interpreted as a suggestion we should just bump off old people at a certain age. But consideration should be given to looking into the problem. There must, of course, be safeguards so that old folk are not seen off so that children, grandchildren and/or others can inherit the family wealth.

But once the quality of a person's life has gone, and he or she is reduced to a babbling, unthinking, living entity with no concept of what is going around him/her, then surely it's time to be kind.

And another thing. Don't think that if this was done that the deceased is going to blame you, or harass you, from some celestial or bestial afterlife. He/she won't know a thing, there'll be no knowledge of anything after death, no awareness, nothing. Yes, nothing. Once the breath of life has gone, everything switches off, death takes place and that's that.

You might find that hard. I don't. I can think of nothing worse than an eternity of looking down on earth and wishing with all my being that I was still there. No, let death be death and an end to it.

If you die in your sleep, you have no idea that you ever lived, were loved, or enjoyed the pleasures of living.

I hope that mankind matures enough to help those who need this great consideration.



Mike Wilson