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A gift from God?

OK, OK! So your new baby is beautiful. All new babies are beautiful! And it takes after his/her Mum/Dad. Well, lady, there'd be questions asked if it didn't take after his/her Mum/Dad.

The question would be: Well, whose is he/she?

And another thing. That child is not a gift from God. No way.

Throughout the history of mankind - and of course our beloved female partners are included in this - babies have been born. And not one was a gift from God.


Look at it this way. Every child born is the result of sexual intercourse between male and female (OK, smarty-pants. I know there have been children born without the male entering the female. But in most of those cases, the essential part of the male did - his sperm).

For argument's sake, let's assume that of every 10,000,000 babies born, 9,999,999 were the result of sex.

To qualify as being a child of God, it should be the baby that wasn't conceived by the sperm and the egg of a female and a male.

Now that would be a proper child of God. One that had no human involvement. One that needed no sexual intercourse (or other scientific method of impregnation).

No, lady, your child is the result of a normal, everyday, human activity.

Once that concept is accepted, the resultant child should be loved more, cared for more, cherished more than one that's merely "A gift from God. We didn't really want it of course. I'll not be able to afford the Jag I wanted, and she will have to drop the keep fit courses."

Let's keep God out of our children. At conception. And for the rest of that new person's life.


Mike Wilson