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These pictures are said to show what happened to a child in the name of religion. This eight-year-old boy was caught stealing bread in a market in Iran.

In the name of Islam he is being punished. His arm will be crushed by a car. He will possibly lose the use of his arm for ever.

Is this a religion of peace and love?

Even for the purposes of satisfying an Almighty Being this is too much. The world must know what despicable things are done to children in the name of God - whoever's God you believe in. And these pictures are mild. Fancy seeing a close-up photograph of a circumcision? Where the rabbi takes the severed foreskin in his mouth and spits it out. Thought not. But that's done to pacify an Almighty Being. And what about the removal of the clitoris and labia of girls and women? It's worse than despicable. But it's done in the name of religion. By why is it always something done to a child or a woman by a man?

Because religion is man-made, run by men for the benefit of men.

Every thinking man and woman on the planet ought to be rebelling against this religious cruelty. No God ever imagined is worth this awful treatment of our children. No religion should ever be trusted again to look after the welfare of children. How can 'religious' people stand by and watch this?
Do yourself - and the children of the world - a huge service by rebelling against this awful religious desecration of children's bodies. It's bad enough when rapists and paedophiles do it to our children, but this is done in the name of religion. Rapists and paedophiles are evil, we all agree. But why on earth do we allow religions to do such as this to our kids?
It's time to banish religions and gods to take their place with the flat earth, Father Christmas, Thor and Poseidon, bogeymen, witches and wizards, fairies good and bad, gremlins and angels (even guardian angels), ghosts and goulies, demons and devils, elves and leprechauns.

Especially God and Satan/Lucifer/Beelzebub.

It's time to put an end to following the barmy religious rules which are supposedly for our benefit.

In our local Christian church, there is a sign near the font which states (to this effect): All children are born with original sin. What claptrap! No child is born with sin. How can anyone think this? Only minds that have succumbed to religion.
Sorry, but in my opinion God does not exist, nor has there ever been a God, nor is there one now, nor will there ever be. It's all conceived by mere fearful man.

Look at these pictures then let me know how you can still go to Mass, or any Sunday service, or any religious service on whichever day you say is holy, and worship any God who allows innocent children to be treated like this.


Go back to the top picture. Is the guy crouching actually speaking into a microphone? Is this deliberate maiming of a child being broadcast? Will this sadistic treatment of an eight-year-old actually do any good? The boy will likely not steal again, not with a shattered arm, but will it deter any other youngster so hungry that he'll risk this treatment?


No it won't. But those who think they have a god-given right to carry out these punishments will continue to do so until we - the people with heart, love, and compassion for children - make such an unholy racket that it will be heard in every place of worship.

Now just imagine if someone in the early days, say around 2000 years ago, had discovered the appendix in the human body. And that they had decided it was useless - just like the foreskin. And that therefore we were unclean because we were not made perfect - in God's own image, I might add. Is it not possible that within a short time, some religious nutter would have decided that not only would young males have their penis chopped but that the appendix would have to come out to make him pure.

And what if they had discovered the coccyx and worked out - having looked at images of the devil - that it could be the remnants of a devil's tail. Well, then, better remove it, so that we are pure.

The same illustration of the devil showed claws and the religious zealot - OK, nutter - decided that our fingernails and toenails were claws. Better have them all removed, so that we are pure.

Don't laugh. Don't even half laugh. If they'd known about these design deficiencies in the human body, they would have been attended to.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that a really religious person cannot do, especially to a child, when he believes he has the Almighty on his side.

Much later: It has been pointed out to me that this article contains images that are not used in the correct context. Apparently the little lad doesn't have his arm run over. It's all a scam. The father has a microphone to tell onlookers that this act proves something or other and that the boy's arm will not be damaged (apparently the cloth under the boy's arm protects him from the roadway and the tyres of the car are under-inflated so they are softer).

Please find out for yourself whether these pictures are a scam or not. I use them as an accompaniment to my thoughts on religion.


Mike Wilson