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Time to boot out religion and faith - two

And here's another thing. I've joined the British Humanist Association. I agree with their outlook, motives and expectations.

I watch a lot of Google Videos via the internet. I especially like, as I've mentioned before, those videos which feature the argument for and against religion.

One the other evening made a great impression and reinforced my belief - note, it's my belief (I cannot declare this with any proof of course. Just the same as Christians declare their belief without any proof) - that there isn't a God.

Apparently, all Christians have now accepted that the planet was formed two billion years ago. They've moved away from the belief that 'everything' started about six thousand years ago. So God - if their interpretation is now to be accepted - decided that it was time he created something. So he made a Big Bang, and everything came into being, with all manner of material inside other material so that evolution could come about.

Then, two billion years, give or two a couple, He was so pleased with the cosmos that he decided to share it. He made Adam and Eve - in His likeness - and gave them free will and the Garden of Eden, on the planet Earth. Planet Earth, at the time, was just one planet of a mediocre star in a bog-standard galaxy among trillions of other galaxies. Why He chose Earth is one heck of an unsolved mystery.

Then, because Adam and Eve had free will and used it, He punished every single human being thereafter with the monstrous load of Original Sin.

Since then, according to Christians, all born humans carried this sin. To rid the population of this sin, God - in His infinite wisdom - sent His son to Earth. After around 30-odd years, He allowed some fanatics to crucify Him. But it was all part of the Plan.

Now, of course, the only people who can save humankind - this next piece is ironic or sarcastic, so you must not take it that this is what I believe - are the lords and masters of Christianity. Their version of what must be done is that we must all debase ourselves in the dust, praise the Almighty for being so kind to us, and prepare for our deaths so that our miserable lives can actually begin in the hereafter.

Until I realised that God had sat in His shed for two billion years before deciding what to do next, I had some sympathy for the story. But that's blown it completely out of the water.

Just think about it. Two billion years. That's 2,000 million years: 2,000,000,000. That number is tremendously huge - and it's a darned long time. Even the English government can move things faster than that. But no, God sat around, pondering.

And then, one summer's day - no, He hadn't got as far as summers and winters, had He? One day - no He hadn't even got that far. OK. At some indefinable instant, God looked at all the stars and planets He'd created - a goodly number - pointed at one, and said: "It could be you!" Were we lucky, or what? Luckily God chose a planet that was just warm enough and wet enough, with liquid water and a lot of oxygen in the atmosphere - exactly what Adam and Eve needed. That takes some doing.

Which is the more difficult to accept? Are we the result of Divine wish or are we evolved through the two billion years of the planet's existence to be what we are today?

For me, there's now no argument. Difficult as it is to believe, God did not do it. A God so powerful could surely have left some mark on this planet to tell us He's been.  But, oh, yes, He did, didn't He? He left his son. How do we know? Because men tell us. How do we learn this 'truth'? From a book it is alleged 'He' wrote. I think the first language it was written in was Aramaic, which was translated into Greek, then Latin. What opportunities there for mistranslation, especially as Greek has totally different characters to Latin. Then, of course, it was translated into English. Not current English, but Ye Olde Fashioned Englisshe with the long 's' that looks like an 'f' and 'y' for 'th.' Have you seen Chaucer's English? It's very near gobbledygook. Then the Book was updated into Middle English, before another translation into the form of English we use today.

Shame he couldn't have written it in English, because, being all-knowing, he knew that one day English would be a major planetary language and understood by a large proportion of humankind.

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Mike Wilson