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Time to boot out religion and faith

I've had to 'come out.' I feel I have to declare that I am an unbeliever. Just as many people openly declare that they are Born Again Christians, I declare that I don't believe a word of it.

On other pages I examine why I have this attitude. Praying never did me any good - as far as I know it didn't do any harm either. I remember as a lad promising I'd really behave - and certainly wouldn't do that any more - if my toothache went away. Of course it went away. I went to the dentist. Left to God and his minions I would have toothache to this day.

The logo below is that designed by Richard Dawkins (with some adornment by me) to show he is an atheist. Perhaps I really am an agnostic. No, I've just looked it up in the dictionary. I'm an atheist.

I've also joined the Humanists. Won't do any harm, will it?

Back to this logo. I've created my own version, here.

And the message couldn't be clearer. More harm is done on this planet by followers of faiths and religions that will ever be done by those who don't believe. We have nothing to prove. We don't think we are superior to anyone else, merely that we are all here on Earth to live our lives. That surely means we should all get along together, help each other and be nice to each other.

Society in England should not under any circumstances allow faith schools. Their policy is to make their pupils different. That way leads to confrontation between differing factions because they are taught they are different. And then arguments arise: "My God's the right one." "No He isn't!" "Yes, He is," and so on, until they're fighting tooth and nail, killing each other - and in some cases others who are not involved, or even interested, in their petty squabbles.

Catholic schools teach their version of the truth, Jewish schools do the same for their version, and Islamic schools teach their version.

I have yet to read of an atheist flying a passenger plane into a building, or strapping a bomb to his body to destroy underground trains, buses and other people.

I haven't yet heard of an atheist who is seeking world domination and, if there is, he isn't doing because he's an atheist but because he's mad or otherwise self deluded.

The way forward is not to discover the 'best' religion or the 'right' God, but to be human and decide we're going to forge our own future by our own efforts.

It can be done.

Mike Wilson