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Whose side is God on?

That's a question for all believers.

Here is a scenario you may have read about. A passenger jet takes off, but suffers a multiple bird strike which endangers everyone in the aircraft. As is quite normal, everyone in the passenger seats lets out a prayer. In the cockpit the pilot thinks "Sh*t!" or some such word, and desperately tries to save the plane. He lands it safely. Not on the ground but in a river. Everyone is saved.

Here is the second scenario. A passenger jet takes off, but is hijacked. The passengers pray for their lives. In the cockpit the terrorist pilot knows he's about to be a martyr to be rewarded with several virgins. He points the aircraft at the Twin Towers and hits them. Everyone dies.

So what happened to prayer here?

In the first instance the pilot didn't want to die, and found a way of saving his life - and the lives of others.

In the second instance the pilot didn't care if he died, so took everyone with him.

Sorry folks, but prayer didn't work, did it? And don't give me that guff about God working in mysterious ways. He could've saved them all but He didn't. He's supposed to be all-knowing and all-powerful. Therefore he could have prevented the hijacked planes taking off, by providing a handy puncture, or a glitch in a switch, or dropping a fog on the airport. But He didn't. I don't know whether it was as an inside job by the CIA or a fanatic on a suicide bid. But God did.

Surely, God could have prevented it. But didn't.


Mike Wilson