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A brilliant month

It's amazing what can happen in a month. From 28th April to today (22nd May 2008) life has taken a turn for the much better.

It started on that April day when 50 copies of both The History of the Priory Church in Bridlington and Little Tyke were delivered (both can be seen here). The following day my own schooldays friend Plitzy visited. He's always got a tale to tell and we had a good laugh.

On the 30th, well, our morning visitors were a BBC Look North crew - a presenter and her cameraman. They came to film a lot of my memorabilia for a programme about the refurbished Spa. They dwelt quite a long time on Cliff Richard (you can read about that here). They spent about two hours filming and it was great fun (well, she was a bonny lass!).

Also that day 200 copies of My Bridlington arrived. Wow! They looked good. And you can find out more about the book here.

That was Wednesday. Then on Friday I held a launch for My Bridlington at the library. We had a great night - well, I know I did. We sold a few books and I think everyone enjoyed the event.

On the following day - Saturday - Diane and I spent most of the day at Garlands, signing books. That was fun. We made some new friends and renewed acquaintances with old friends.

I'll pass over Sunday - I was 72 that day!

Bank Holiday Monday saw us in the Tourist Office, where we signed a handful of books again.

On Wednesday, Chris Arundel came to the flat and recorded some material for the following day's broadcast from the Spa. Thursday evening saw us at friends to watch the BBC Look North programme. I didn't make a fool of myself and I seemed to say the right things at the right time. That was probably all done in the editing suite though.

So, radio, then TV. What could possibly beat that? Well, the Editor of the Free Press invited me to write a column. I had a huge grin on my face while I was waiting for the bus home I can tell you.

Yesterday the Gazette & Herald showed me grinning on their front page. Then today, my first ever requested column. I'm quite chuffed about that. Just have to wait and see how much response there is.


Mike Wilson