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Humanism and Atheism

I've had to come out! That's why the red 'A' appears on some of the pages on this site.

If you've read all the other blogs, you will see that I have been battling with God for some time now. As a Catholic, I have to confess - done that many times I can tell you, terrified of what the priest was thinking of me - that I was utterly and completely under their spell.

I blame Sister Joanna of the Convent of the Sisters of Mercy in High Street, Bridlington. As a boy I had to attend catechism lessons after normal school hours. This necessitated a trudge through the laundry fields, a barren desolate area filled with thistles and nettles, between the new estate I lived on and the Old Town.

Once there, I learned to recite the questions and answers from the Catechism. Question 1: Who made you? Answer 1: God made me. Question 2: Why did God make me? Answer 2: God made me to love Him and serve Him in this life and to be happy with Him in the next.

It's sad that those lines learned as an innocent lad of around seven or eight still send a shudder down my spine. I can visualise her now: a wizened old crone (crow?) with a pinched face, beady eyes and a snap in her voice that made me tremble.

The God of love had never stepped over her threshold as far as I could see.

One day recently, in a remainder book shop, I saw a book with the title: The God Delusion. I picked it up in wonderment. The title expressed much of what I had already begun to think. But so steeped in their teachings was I that I thought such a book could not in any shape or form be about what it expressed on the cover.

Remember, that this young man made the observation when topless bikinis came out that they wouldn't be allowed. Unless some sort of strap - like my braces at the time - held up the bikini and covered the nipples. I can easily understand how young men of Islamic persuasion can do what they do. I was indoctrinated by the Sisters of Mercy just like those poor lads are by their spiritual teachers.

After reading The God Delusion, I felt heartened. I decided to learn more. On other blogs I discuss this.

The logo on the left is self-explanatory. There really is no place for all the religious stuff that's thrown at us.

Richard Dawkins created the Atheist 'A.'  I thought I'd offer my own version of the Atheist 'A.' What do you think?

Mike Wilson