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My favourite music

Music? I don't listen to music a lot, I must admit. I don't have an Ipod, nor an all-singing all-dancing mobile phone, nor do I have a personal CD player. Oh yes I do! Diane bought me it Christmas 2006. But it hasn't been played for months.

But I know what I like. Some of my favourite music is listed here, not in any particular order:

Working Class Hero by John Lennon (and I like Cyndi Lauper's version too, and Green Day's effort). This song sums up John Lennon. Years ago, I remember asking for it to be played on Radio Humberside after hearing Cyndi singing it during John's tribute concert. They refused. It was years before I realised the 'eff' word was in it. It's a brilliant song.
Freedom by Chris de Burgh. A fantastic drumming section in here.
Crusader by Chris de Burgh. A wonderful story, brilliantly done. I'd love to see a stage version of this with huge orchestra and action.
Spanish Train by Chris de Burgh. Another great story of the battle between good and evil.
The Girl with April in Her Eyes by Chris de Burgh. His best song. This moves me nearly to tears every time.
The Beatles, almost anything by. A group who changed everything. Some of their work is timeless.
Irish music, especially the finale from Riverdance. Some of my father's ancestors came from Ireland  (my legs are one-eighth Irish) and I swear that's why my legs twitch when I hear Irish music.
Glenn Miller (would everyone notice that Glenn has two 'n's), especially In the Mood. Stunning big band performances and I loved the film.
Gene Kruper on drums, especially in Sing Sing Sing.
Cliff Richard, some of his early rock 'n' roll, especially Twenty Flight Rock. Saw him live in Bridlington. See here.
Johnny Be Goode
by Chuck Berry. The scene in Back to the Future with this music is brilliant.
Road to Hell by Chris Rea.
Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd. This piece is amazing. During our holiday (May 2007) in Vancouver, we listened to the whole LP in the Planetarium, while a laser light show flashed and danced on the huge dome above us. The music was so loud I could sing along, and Diane - next to me - could not hear me. It was utterly brilliant. You could feel the music through your feet! I'll never forget that.
Status Quo, nearly everything by. Going to see them in June in Dalby Forest. That'll be something! Sorry! Can't see Quo this June. I'll be in Hull Royal.
Well Dressed Man by ZZ Top.
Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen.
Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones.
Let's Stick Together by Bryan Ferry.
Dance Tonight by Paul McCartney.


Mike Wilson