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Two Hundred Years of Bridlington Lifeboats
RNLB 12-12 Marine Engineer about to be negotiated round the corner from St John Street to Kirkgate on Sunday, 26th June, 2005.

The tractor hauls Marine Engineer along The Bolt outside Bridlington Priory Church.

Bridlington's offshore lifeboat RNLB Marine Engineer and the inshore craft The Lords Feoffees III outside the Priory Church.

Rev. Bruce Petfield reads a prayer during the re-dedication of the lifeboats.

After being hauled through the streets of Bridlington, Marine Engineer is prepared for her launch.

The Lords Feoffees III is about to be launched into Bridlington Bay on a bright sunny June afternoon.

RNLB Marine Engineer is pushed into the waves

Bridlington's two lifeboats head into the Bay.

Photos by Mike Wilson

If you are interested in the full story of Bridlington's lifeboats, I can recommend The Bridlington Life-Boats by Ralph S. Fawcett (published in 1985, occasionally available on Ebay) and The Bridlington Lifeboat by Fred Walkington, MBE (9.99 in aid of RNLI, published by Phillimore & Co. Ltd, Shopwyke Manor Barn, Chichester, West Sussex PO20 2BG).  Copies are available on Amazon or Abebooks.


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